College of Fellows

Welcome by the Chair of the College of Fellows 

It is an honour and a privilege to be appointed as your College Chair.

The College aims to work with the Board, CEO, AIHS members and staff to improve workplace health and safety, as well as the standing and capability of OHS/WHS professionals.

I gratefully acknowledge the valuable work of previous chairs, including Nathan Winter and Kym Bills, and the past and ongoing work of College Committee members.

Being a member of the College means that you are a thought leader, always seeking to make a difference in society by translating your knowledge and wisdom through advocacy, mentoring and practical reduction of the burden of morbidity and mortality in the workplace and beyond.

In saying that, we all generate and value scientific evidence in our professional work. It’s what sets us apart from other stakeholders. Collectively, we are a major contributor to the evidence base and the innovation that informs policy and practice. Theory and experience allow us to discern what works and what doesn’t, and the means by which we can establish the difference.

Regulation and other health and safety interventions have always lagged behind the science. It is our job to bridge the gap so that interventions are informed by the best evidence and critical thought. Once implemented, those interventions should be evaluated and improved upon. Again, this is the hallmark of an OHS/WHS professional.

I encourage all Fellows to join a College Committee, participate in College activities and suggest potential new members who have the experience, expertise and passion to be part of a College that is now 20 years young.

Dino Pisaniello | Chair, AIHS College of Fellows

Who we are 

The College of Fellows was established in 2002 and comprises those members who are Fellows and Honorary Fellows of the Institute. As a senior network of the Institute, the College works to support the Institute’s vision, values and strategy.
Membership of the College recognises OHS/WHS professionals who are making a substantial ongoing contribution to and have a record of achievement in the field. Fellows are committed members of the Institute and leaders within the profession.

The College is managed by a College of Fellows Chair and Executive Committee who are selected from the broader College membership. The College Chair is an ex officio member of the Board of the Institute, and Executive members each have a role to progress priorities in the following areas:

  • Awards and College Membership Committee
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Mentoring Committee
  • Body of Knowledge
  • International

If you would like more information on the College or would like to get involved in the work of the College, please email [email protected].

Fellowship is a status open to current members of the Institute and is assessed biannually based on formal applications and referee reports. The Fellowship application process is now open until Monday, 13th May 2024.

Submit your online application for Fellowship here.

Executive Members 

Dino Pisaniello


Margaret Cook

Chair of Awards and College Membership Sub-Committee

Jeremy Clay

Chair of Standards Sub-Committee

Dr Peta Miller


Andrew Heinrichs

Chair of the Policy Committee

Nathan Winter

International Liaison

Marilyn Hubner

BoK Liaison

Ben Kirkbride

Acting Chair of Mentor Program Sub-Committee

Matthew Davies

Chair of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee

Simon Roberts


Current College of Fellows Members 

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety recognises the valuable contributions that our exemplary members have made to the association and the profession.

The College of Fellows is comprised of the most senior members of the Institute who have contributed substantial, and ongoing contributions to the AIHS and have a record of achievement in the field. Below is a list of the current College of Fellows members.

  • Alison Hutton
  • Alissa Webster
  • Andrew Barrett
  • Andrew Heinrichs
  • Andrew Hopkins
  • Andrew Maunder
  • Andrew Shepherd
  • Angela Seidel
  • Angelica Vecchio-Sadus
  • Ann Taylor
  • Anthony Wai Leung Kwok
  • Barry Silburn
  • Bilal Syed
  • Braham Tindale
  • Brendan Callaghan
  • Brett Hickinbotham
  • Brian Lee
  • Brian Long
  • Bryce McLaren
  • Cameron Montgomery
  • Cameron Stevens
  • Celia Antonovsky
  • Chad Pettitt
  • Christine Edwards
  • Cipriano Corva
  • Clare Kitcher
  • Colin McLean
  • Craig Maxwell
  • Craig Schopp
  • Dale Martin
  • Dan Meredith
  • Danny Spadaccini
  • David  Skegg
  • David Howard
  • David Provan
  • David Randall
  • David Segrott
  • David Trembearth
  • David Weber
  • Debra Burlington
  • Deborah Vallance
  • Debra Maiden
  • Dino Pisanello
  • Dominic Weir
  • Don Zakroczymski
  • Duncan Nicholas
  • Ed Weston
  • Eddie (Edward) Bugajewski
  • Emma Humphreys
  • Fiona McHugh
  • Frank Mistretta
  • Frank O'Brien
  • Gary Chaplin
  • Gary Rowe
  • Geoffrey Dell
  • Geoffrey Hoad
  • Geoffrey Hutchings
  • Geoffrey Strong
  • Geoffrey Taylor
  • Gerard Forrest
  • Glenn Jordan
  • Gloria Kyriacou Morosinotto
  • Glyn Williams
  • Graeme Silvester
  • Graham Caddies
  • Graham Jackson
  • Greg Chrisfield
  • Greg Moss
  • Greg Stagbouer
  • Gudrun Griffin
  • Hector Blamey
  • Helen Ginn
  • Helen Lingard
  • Ian Counsell
  • Ian Thomas
  • Ingrid Baldwin
  • James Chalmers
  • James Knowles
  • James Rimmer
  • Janette O'Brien
  • Janis Janz
  • Jason Wagstaffe
  • Jeremy Trotman
  • Jim Pashalidis
  • Jim Toshach
  • Jo Kitney
  • John (Laurie) O'Donoghue
  • John Bridge
  • John Carlton
  • John Christie
  • John Clarkson
  • John Kirwan
  • John Moroney
  • John Young
  • Jon Corbishley
  • Joy Adcock
  • Julie Wills
  • Justin Haddock
  • Karen Racco
  • Karina Skegg
  • Kelly Johnstone
  • Kelly Lovely
  • Kelvin Genn
  • Ken Nolan
  • Kenneth Malcolm
  • Kerry Plunkett
  • Kevin  Jones
  • Kevin Ball
  • Kevin Figueiredo
  • Kirsten Way
  • Kym Bills
  • Leo Ruschena
  • Leon Lindley
  • Lestelle Haines
  • Lisa Stevens
  • Malcolm Burgin
  • Marcus Cattani
  • Margaret  Cook
  • Marilyn Hubner
  • Mark Da Silva
  • Mark Devlin
  • Mark Philippi
  • Mark Phillips
  • Mark Small
  • Martin Ralph
  • Martyn Campbell
  • Martyn Hill
  • Matthew (Mark)  Gauthier
  • Matthew Davies
  • Matthew Skubis
  • Max Crowther
  • Mayuri Gosalia
  • Michael Gray
  • Michael Keating
  • Michael Kent
  • Michael Middleton
  • Michael Polito
  • Michael Tooma
  • Michael Wilson
  • Michael Young
  • Michelle Price
  • Murray Giles
  • Nathan Winter
  • Neil Burgess
  • Neil Dine
  • Neil Donaldson
  • Neroli Logan
  • Neville Betts
  • Nick Merdith
  • Nicole Prince
  • Pam Pryor
  • Patricia Beale
  • Patrick Lawrence
  • Patrick Murphy (QLD)
  • Patrick Murphy (WA)
  • Peggy Trompf
  • Peta Miller
  • Peter  Gould
  • Peter Johnston
  • Peter Nuzum
  • Peter  Lupschen
  • Petrina Coventry
  • Phil Lovecock
  • Ralph Wilson
  • Rene Van der Merwe
  • Richard Bolton
  • Robert Stacy
  • Roger Lim
  • Roger Smith
  • Rohan Carlson
  • Roland Tan
  • Rosemary Gibbins
  • Ross Di Corleto
  • Roxayne West
  • Sajan James
  • Scott Keady
  • Sheryl Dell
  • Simon Roberts
  • Stephen McNair
  • Stephen Thomas
  • Stewart Collis
  • Subrata Bhattacharyya
  • Sue Bottrell
  • Sue Ngan Wu
  • Sue Pilkington
  • Susan Allen
  • Susanne Tepe
  • Terry Farr
  • Terry Flanders
  • Tim Allred
  • Tony Mitchell
  • Trevor Love
  • Valerie O'Keeffe
  • Vanessa Sharp
  • Veronica Cooper
  • Wai Kin Mark Leong
  • Wayne Bauer
  • William Newell
  • Xin Li
  • Zhongsheng (Victor) Lu