What is Certification? 

AIHS Certification plays a crucial role in acknowledging and validating individuals' expertise in the realm of OHS/WHS.


The certification has several key objectives:

  • Validation of Proficiency: Certification ensures that OHS professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.
  • Safe Work Environments: Certified professionals are equipped to establish and maintain safe and healthy work environments, promoting the well-being of everyone involved.
  • Standardised Competency: AIHS adheres to a Global Capability Framework, which provides a common benchmark for evaluating education, experience and skills. This standardisation ensures that all certified professionals meet consistent criteria.
  • Varied Certification Levels: The AIHS offers certification at multiple levels, accommodating individuals at different career stages. Whether you're just starting of have years of experience, there's a certification level suited to your expertise.
  • Fostering Strategic Thinking: The certification program encompasses three levels: Certified OHS Practitioner, Certified OHS Professional, and Chartered OHS Professional. Each level reflects varying degrees of expertise and responsibilities, encouraging professionals to adopt a strategic mindset when it comes to OHS.

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