Chain of Responsibility

AIHS, John Holland and Area9 Lyceum have entered a partnership to bring adaptive learning technology to the construction sector.

Building on its successful application of Area9 Lyceum’s adaptive learning platform Area9 Rhapsode, John Holland is offering several of its health and safety modules, modified to suit the sector, in a partnership with AIHS. These modules are designed to produce higher levels of competency, reduce time and support overall improvement in safety outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

Using the personalised teaching approach each learner will reach 100% competency on the following key learning objectives:


  • Understand the guidance materials relating to CoR
  • Knowledge and application of the Heavy Vehicle Law
  • Understand the roles that play in CoR
  • Develop insight into the company's role as projects develop with regards to CoR
  • Understand the key obligations of supply chain members

Applying the CoR

  • Understanding the risk profiles for activities
  • Heavy vehicle risk matrix and use of this

Implementing CoR

  •  Understand the penalties associated with non-conformance

As you move into the Course Content, you will be directed to an evidence-based learning platform with a personalised approach that eliminates gaps in critical safety knowledge, which standard eLearning fails to achieve.

Who's it For

  • All people with workplace health and safety responsibilities, at all levels of the business.

Course Details

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: AIHS Members $27.50 (incl. GST) | Non Members $49.50
Format: Online Learning
CPD Points:1 point

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