Chanelle McEnallay


Chanelle McEnallay is the Chief Risk Officer and Legal Services Director of the Australian business of Ramsay Health Care Limited and sits on both the Australian Executive and Australian Risk Management Committee. Chanelle manages a wide portfolio which includes the risk management framework of Australia, work health and safety, workers’ compensation, the Comcare self-insurance licence, environment, sustainability and the national public liability portfolio. Chanelle is also the Executive lead for the National Vanderbilt Programme, a promoting professional accountability framework.

Ramsay is Australia’s largest private hospital operator and currently employs over 33,000 staff in Australia alone, and more than 88,000 worldwide.

Chanelle has been a safety and workers’ compensation professional for over 25 years and began her safety career in the construction industry specialising in rail and coal mining before moving to health in 2004. Chanelle is passionate about robust and innovative risk management systems that add value and perform their function to reduce risk.

Chanelle is an experienced Risk Professional, Work Health and Safety Professional, Injury Manager, Advanced Rehabilitation and Return to Work Manager, Workers’ Compensation Specialist, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, Auditor, holds advanced qualifications in OHS and Corporate Governance and is an admitted NSW Supreme Court Solicitor. Chanelle also holds a Master of Laws from ANU.