Education and Training

Area9 Lyceum leverages cutting-edge computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize learning for over 40 million individuals. Spanning global sectors like construction, mining, manufacturing, rail, healthcare, finance, and corporate education, our approach integrates scientifically proven methods to globally enhance learning outcomes. Rhapsode uses the AI algorithm developed with over eight billion data points. Replicating a personal teacher, recognising gaps in knowledge at individual and building 100% competency. In the safety sector the impact is evidence based when compared to traditional eLearning methods. Proven to support the reduction in safety incidents, enhancements in operational conduct, and a 50% decrease in the time required to achieve competency.

Transforming workplace cultures by reimagining leadership. Unlocking individual leadership potential.

HeroCODE Fundamentals: HeroCODE Tactics and HeroCODE Playbook (IOSH Certified)

Unlocking team leadership potential: High Reliability Teams (HRT) Program 

Unlocking organisational leadership potential: HeroCODE Project

Pocketknife Group is a boutique safety transformation consultancy supporting organisations to improve the design of work. We leverage human centred design, strategic innovation and emerging technologies to improve productivity, operational performance, health, safety and wellbeing through improved work design.
The Safety Innovation Academy is a future skills academy for health and safety leaders and their teams. We expand on foundational health and safety knowledge to provide the skills and competencies required to navigate a technology-enabled future. 

Trainwest Safety Institute was established to lead the way in re-shaping how organisations think about safety.
We assist industry to discover their genuine commitment to workplace health and safety and share the most innovative practices to improve safety performance.
We motivate workers to engage in safety because they want to, not because they have to.
AIHS members enjoy a free Micro credential course with each full enrolment for professional development.